Craig Stanton, present manager and partner, is the fifth generation of printers in New Zealand, taking over the business of his grandfather started in 1955.

In 1862 John Shepherd (Great Great Grandfather of Craig Stanton) came to New Zealand as a Printer and Journalist. Later in 1918 John Shepherd’s daughter Contance, wife of L O Stanton, formed L O Stanton and Co. Printers and Stationers in Dunedin. By 1928 this company was sold to 8 sons who became Stanton Bros Ltd.

In 1955 Percy Stanton (Craig’s Grandfather) left Stanton Bros. Ltd Dunedin to form Stanton Bros (HB) Ltd in Hastings. In 1972 a Heidelberg Platen was purchased making the start of the present printing business.

In 1994 Stanton Bros (HB) Ltd was brought out by Blue Star Office Products. The printing department remained and continued to be run in new premises trading as Stanton Print.

Today we operate in our building 106-112 Karamu Road North. With the variety of machinery we have, you can be confident that the quality of work produced will be to the highest standard. We believe that a quick turnaround is essential in meeting the demands of todays society.